Three Days with Christ

Tres Dias

What is it?

 A Tres Dias Weekend has been described as an encounter with the living Christ.  There are times on the weekend for personal introspection and times for joyous community sharing and singing over the span of three days in a cloistered environment.  Participants are encouraged to strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ.  Those things which Christian denominations have in common are emphasized and those which are different are respected.  The weekends are not intended for conversion, instead they are meant to help  Christians grow in their relationship with Jesus. 

How Do I Attend?

 The Chattahoochee Valley chapter of Tres Dias conducts its three-day weekends at Pine Eden Retreat Center in Hamilton, GA. The cost for the weekend is   $85 per person*. If a couple is married, the husband is required to attend first.  Participants are sponsored by people who have experienced a Tres Dias weekend.  Sponsors may get applications on the "Applications" page to be returned to Terri Howard (706) 505-0704. 

Who Can Attend?

 Any Christian who is at least 21 years old and has not attended Tres Dias (or a similar three day weekend) can apply to become a candidate if they are sponsored by someone who has attended.  Attendance is prioritized by the time stamp on an application and the waiting period can be from months to a year.  Men and women attend different weekends; the husband must attend first if the candidate is married.