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Who is God laying on your heart to sponsor? 
You don't have to PAY for a candidate, just PRAY for them.  (Although it is a nice gesture to cover the deposit.) 
Make plans with them as soon as you can!

To get more information about How to Sponsor a candidate, contact Terri Howard

see Applications page.


Pray for Others

Here are some other weekends going on this spring. Please lift up the community of Tres Dias in prayer.

20-Feb-2019 Tres Dias Denmark Men’s #14

13-Feb-2020 Georgia Mountains Tres Dias Men’s #85

20-Feb-2020 Georgia Mountains Tres Dias Women’s #85

27-Feb-2020 Long Island Tres Dias Women’s #89

27-Feb-2020 Mid Hudson Tres Dias Women’s #183

05-Mar- 2020 Minnesota Tres Dias Men’s #28

5-Mar-2020 Northern California Tres Dias Men’s #20

12-Mar-2020 Music City Tres Dias Men’s #36 (Nashville)

12-Mar-2020 Northern California Tres Dias Women’s #20

19-Mar-2020 Music City Tres Dias Women’s #36

For more weekends, and information on where to mail or email letters, please see


Keep The Good Vibes Going

"Secuela" is our word for a gathering of Tres Dias people for food, fellowship, maybe some worship and a time of sharing by one of the community members about life after their weekend. We celebrate our friendships and rejoice in our God.